The Brits 2010

We got to Laax, Switzerland Saturday evening and it took about an hour just to get our bags to our apartment from the underground carpark. Our apartment was pretty big, my bedroom was really small, but least I wasnโ€™t sleeping on the sofa like my Dad. Sunday was sort of a free day of riding, […]

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Snowboarding here I come

This is my last blog for a while, as Iโ€™m of on a road trip for almost 3 weeks, if I get internet access Iโ€™ll update it. Iโ€™m of to compete at the DC Rookie comp in Kitzbuhel in Austria. Then after that Iโ€™m going to the BRITS in Laax, Switzland for a week. Iโ€™m […]

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End of Feb

I got my new Electric 2011 goggles this week one of the pair is called the Lip (on my board)ย and the other pair the Neff (I’m wearing), whichย I was super stoked about, thanks Col. At Hemel freestyle night (Friday)ย  I was the running into the kicker and asย I hit itย I saw a punter on the […]

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Half term

Itโ€™s been half term this week, so itโ€™s been quiet. I went to the DC showroom on Wednesday to see the new 2011 gear which was really cool, Iโ€™ve already picked out the gear that I would like, it was a pink, blue, yellow, green and white chequer jacket which was called the Servo and […]

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