The Burton European Open

After the worst journey ever, we got to Laax in the late afternoon Thursday ,we aimed to get there in the morning. So we missed out on a days riding. Eventually we found are apartment which was tiny, the toilet didn’t even have a door it had a curtain so Dad banned me and George Woolley having number 2s…. Luckily there was a toilet just outside in the corridor.

Then we went to register for the competition .My bib number was 506 and I got a goody bag which had a t-shirt, a pen knife, a few stickers, a DVD and some juggling balls.

Friday was the practise day, the first I saw of the slope style course was on the way up the chairlift from Flims. It was massive with three large kickers, a quarter pipe, a pole jam, a stair set, a pipe and a flat down. We had slope style in the morning and I was a bit scared of the kickers, which were 10 to 15 metres long. Practise was about 2 and a half hours long. Then we had an half an hour break then it was on to the half pipe practise and that was about 2 hours long.

My board was really good in the half pipe because it had sharp edges. At the end of practise I was doing back 5s which I was really happy about because I hadn’t been in the half pipe since March 09, so I was a bit rusty. Saturday was Slopestyle competition day, practise started at 8:30am but unfortunately we got up there at 9:45 (thanks Dad!!)and I only got one practise run. I planned my runs the night before so I was already set. We had three runs and best one counts. At the end of the day I came 29th out of 41.

Dropping in for my Slopestyle Run!!

Saturday night was the juniors welcome party we had toasted marshmallows, sausages and cakes. Burton put on clowns that were doing fire eating and juggling. It was good to chill out with my friends from all over the world. Sunday was half pipe we got up the there early this time, I really enjoyed the pipe is was freshly shaped and my Flow board was perfect for it. I came 11th in my heat and 29th overall.
Competition over now for some fun. I went riding for the rest of the day with George Woolley, Aston Elgermeers, Jamie Nicholls, Tom Hunt and Chris Knightley.


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