Week ending 7th Feb 2010

I’m looking forward too and getting excited about filming, with the BBCs Sportsround at Hemel Snow Centre, on Thursday. It for an Winter Olympic special. I’m being interviewed by Ore Oduba, he’s going to be asking me questions about my snowboarding and my future in the sport. (apparently he’s scared of birds)

My little buddy Tomski from Manchester, has been invited to the Quiksilver and Roxy Radar competition in Europe , I wish him luck, and I hope he gets in the finals.

I received my new Flow 2010/2011 catalogue, the gear is amazing I’m so looking forward to getting it. The board I should be getting is a EZ rocker. I’ve only ridden a rocker once so it should be interesting

I got three merits this week, which I’m really happy about. That’s 27 this year. I’ve been told, if I work hard at school a can work hard at snowboarding. It seems to be working.

We get our new car on Thursday, we’re getting a Citroen C3 Picasso in bitter lemom.


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  1. i think a DC full vinyl wrap on that would look pretty sick Jake… just do it when it’s parked up 😉

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