DC Area 43 Les Houches

Wow what a week I’ve had.

On Thursday I was filming with the BBC Sportsround which was fun, the person that interviewed me Ore Obduba was so funny, it was on Friday night and it felt a bit weird watching myself on TV.

Well it all started when I got back from school on Friday and I broke up, I was told I was going to Les Houches to do a comp in the DC area 43 snowboard park instead of going to Holland. So we left at 1.00am on Saturday and got there about 6.30pm that night, the journey we had out there was alright, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. We got lost when we got into Chamonix, because where we were staying was on the opposite side of a train track so it was hard to see.

When we went riding on the Sunday we went to the wrong lift queue to get our passes, so we waited there for about an hour and when we got to the desk they said that we were at the wrong lift queue, so we had to walk for about ten minutes to get to another lift queue but luckily our passes were all ready there. when we got up on the mountain it was a nice bluebird, when we got up to the park it was amazing massive kickers, smooth rails and a skip that you could hit. When practise started I only had three practise runs and two judged runs, my first run I hit the kickers and I overshot the second kicker, and my second run I hit the rails.

And then after that they had a little jam on one of the kickers which was pretty fun, then it was the prize-giving I didn’t think I would get anywhere because  the locals were pretty good on the kickers, but he read out the list of winners I was one, I was first, I was gobbed smacked but so happy, I won a DC PJB 130 and a DC jacket but unfortunately it didn’t fit because it was to small.

The next day was a photo shoot day just me the French DC team and a lot of cameras, they asked me to do a couple of hits on the kickers which was ok, so I did some steazy grabs. We left early on the way down so we could pack to leave for the journey back, I wish I could tell you more about the way back to the UK but unfortunately I was watching DVD’s and sleeping.

Thanks DC for sorting this for me and thanks James for letting me stay at your Chalet.



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  1. haha… how small is the jacket if it doesn’t fit you Jake!!!

    good work fella

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