Snowboarding here I come

This is my last blog for a while, as I’m of on a road trip for almost 3 weeks, if I get internet access I’ll update it. I’m of to compete at the DC Rookie comp in Kitzbuhel in Austria. Then after that I’m going to the BRITS in Laax, Switzland for a week. I’m competing in all the events which will be fun. After the Brits I’m going off with the DC team back to Kitzbuhel to Area 43 for 4 days then we’re off to Area 43 in Les Houches, France. This will be my first trip away without my parents. So I’m going to have to be on my best behaviour. It’s going to be weird but I’ll get used to it.

I went to James North’s art and photo exhibition, Private viewing at The White Room which was really good to see James and Nathan Gallagher photos , and Matt Blease’s art.

I got a Head teachers commendation at school this week, for recognition of my snowboarding, which was really cool.

I’m now on the Flow website as a member of Team Micron, which is really good news. You can see it here Team Micron

Our school team had a football match against Misbourne, but unfortunately we lost 9-1. But was better than the match a couple weeks before, which we lost 19-0 but I didn’t play, so we’ve got to make some improvements.

It was good riding with Sam again on friday at Hemel, because he’s been in America.

The competition I was at in Les Houches, there is now a video. DC Rookie Comp Les Houches video


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