The Brits 2010

We got to Laax, Switzerland Saturday evening and it took about an hour just to get our bags to our apartment from the underground carpark. Our apartment was pretty big, my bedroom was really small, but least I wasn’t sleeping on the sofa like my Dad. Sunday was sort of a free day of riding, but Monday was practice day which was really good because it was a bluebird.
Tuesday was border cross so I was kind of nervous because I’d never qualified into race, this was my 5th Brits. When I had my timed run, I had to wait for about an hour before I was told that I’d qualified or not. Good news I was seeded 4th. So I was going to have my first race, which I was really happy about. But when I set off, I caught my back edge on the first kicker and fell, I got up almost caught up.

Wednesday was Big Air which isn’t my favourite so we had practice for an hour, and then we started with the women which was good and then it was male kids, I was last so I got to watch everyone and then it was my run which wasn’t very good because I did a straight air with a bit of a tweak. And then I did my second run which I fell on.

Thursday it was half pipe which I was looking forward to, in practice I doing really well because I was doing 5’s and trying to get sevens. But in my runs I fell on one of them trying a seven. In my age category I came 6th which I was really happy about.

Friday was slope style which was canceled for about an hour and then we had a rail jam because it snowed. Which was really bad.

Friday night was we went out to celebrate Sam Cullums birthday which was really good because we went to a noodle bar with Edd, Fran, Pippa, Sam C, Sam T, Stenti, Seb, Nate, Rebecca, dressed up in rock outfits and after that we went to the Animal rock fest. I had to leave early because it was getting rowdy.

Saturday was really good because it snowed Friday night, there was a load of fresh tracks to make and it was the Red Bull home run. I didn’t enter in because I forgot to sign in. Mum and Dad went home whilst I was riding, because I was staying with the DC team. We had to get up really early to go to Kitzbuhel, Austria.

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Images © Jools Smith 2010


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