DC trip to Area 43, Kitzbuhel and Les Houches.

After the Brits, I went with the DC UK team ( Sam Cullum, Nate and Seb Kern, Sam Turnbull, James Stentiford (team manager) and Edd Martin ( DC marketing) ) to DC Area 43 in Kitzbuhel, Austria to make a DC film/podcast with Josh Knox, this was my first time away without my parents. We left Laax Sunday morning and we got to Kitzbuhel at about 1in the afternoon, so we managed to get a few hours of riding in. When we finished riding, we headed to our apartment which was part of a farm house, on a farm, which was pretty cool. I shared a room with Nate and Sam T (sausage), I had the worse bed as I was the rookie. One of them kept farting all night, not sure who, Sam.

Monday we went up to the park to start filming. Josh started us off on the massive spine, which we spent must of the day on, but we did a lot of hiking so I was kind of tired, at the end of the day. After we finished riding we went back to are apartment, got changed and then we went to the pizzaria for dinner, I had schnitzel with fries.

Tuesday was our last day at Kitzbuhel, Josh filmed the rest of the team on the pro kicker. So I spent most of the time hitting the medium kickers in the other park. Then in the afternoon we started to film on this down box which was really fun because I learnt a new trick, which was front blunt to board switch out.Which i was really happy about. After riding we went to the apartment and packed. We left at about 5 in the afternoon to go to Les Houches.

We got to Les Houches at about half past 2 in the morning, after the long drive and with all the gear that kept falling on me, I managed to get some sleep. Our apartment was above a Hotel, near the town. The next morning we had danishes for our breakfast, then James Stentiford said that were having a day off. Which was a bit of a relief, as we were all a bit tired. So Sam C, Nate and I went for a nose around the town, they took me to a news agents to look at porn mags (don’t tell my mum) We went back to our apartment to meet up with the others. We had dinner with the guys from Monster, we had Chinese. After dinner, we went to the pub that was just next door to watch the football, Arsenal vs Barcelona, Arsenal won.

Thursday was great we had about a 10cm of snow, during the night. So we just toured around the mountain for a few hours, making fresh tracks and having a laugh. Then after lunch we went to shred the park which was good but the kickers hadn’t been groomed.

Friday was Good Friday the last day of our trip. But it wasn’t a good day for me, because on my last run I hit a kicker a bit wrong and landed badly. I had hit the kicker a good few times, I’m not sure what went wrong. I managed to get myself down the mountain but I was in real pain. We went back to the apartment to get changed and pack. Stenti took Nate, Seb and me to Geneva Airport for our flight back home.

On Saturday Dad took me to Stoke Mandiville hospital to find out what was wrong with my foot. After an x-ray, the good news nothing was broken, my heel and achillies tenden are badly bruised.

I have seen the draft of the film and it looks brilliant, I will post it when Josh has finished it.


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