The Board Test Kaunertal, Austria 2010.

Friday afternoon we packed to go to The Board test in Kaunertal, Austria. We left at about 5 and got there about 9 on Saturday morning. We went to are apartment and got changed to go up on the mountain, it’s along drive up to the main station it takes about half an hour to drive. It was nice and sunny the snow was a little slushy, typical spring conditions. A few of the brands were setting up. Dad was very tired so we went back to have some dinner and get some sleep.

Sunday was the start of the board test and everyone was there Flow, DC and Electric, three of my sponsors. After I saw some of my friends, it was time to start testing the kids boards and the first one I tried was the Flow Team Micron and the size was 140, which is a bit bigger than usual and it changed from a cambered board to a rocker this year, it took a bit of getting used to but then I started to really enjoy it and can’t wait till I get my 130. I then went on to the Flow Mini Micron and the size was 120. The wired thing about it was it was an easy rocker so it was going to be very flexi. I really loved this board because it was small and the graphics were sick, the board was really easy to handle and the pop was amazing. I went on to the Ride low ride 115 and I think that was to small for me it was quite stiff board.

On Monday I tested the Burton Custom 131 but I didn’t really as much as last years custom (my dry slope board).  I then went onto the Drake Charm (woman’s board) and some Drake  binding’s but I can’t remember what they were called (maybe Jade), the bindings were a bit big but very comfortable,  the board was fine, it was really flexi and responsive, I didn’t ride it in the park. After riding, I went swimming  with Sam Cullum, that was so fun. He was teaching me how to do back flips by grabbing my leg and throwing me in the air. After swimming we went back to our apartment and cooked dinner. Pat from Drake, Seb Kern, and  Scott Pennman came for dinner which was really cool. Billy Morgan should have come as well, he came later and ate  all the scraps.

Tuesday was our last day in Kaunertal, so we packed the car in the morning before heading up the hill. To day it was the run for Keith McIntosh which started at 2:00 and finished at the half way point, every body at the board test rode about 250 people rode down in respect for Keith losing his life last year. We left Kaunertal at around 4 to drive back to the UK, we got back home at 7.30 on Wednesday morning, I was made to go to school.

I also tried loads of Electric goggles, one pair in the picture, they are the sickest goggles, they don’t steam up and fit really well with a helmet.


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