Round Two of the Southern Freestyle Series

Today 22nd May was the second leg of The Southern Freestyle comp at the John Nike ski centre Chatham I was really looking forward to riding Chatham because they always do a good park, the only bad thing was the weather it was 26 degrees and that’s not good for dry slope. We got there just as the practise started so I had to get changed really quickly, the format was the same as Bracknell as it was a jam and two run final.

The turn out was really good as I had a good bit of competition so I knew I hard to ride hard to get anywhere. It was so hot, I took lots of breaks and drank loads of water and some Monster. I rode really well and did the best I could, I was really pleased to hear that I had made into the final top 6 and as I was the only under 14 I knew that first place was mine in that category. I rode well, but because of the heat I was a bit tired, Cody, Lon and Jack were killing it, I knew I wouldn’t be on the poduim for the overal but I was happy to be in the final.

I won a hoddie, a beanie and a Ipod Shuffle, thanks Southern Freestyle Club for putting on another wicked comp. Got the 3rd leg and the Grand Final at Warmwell in June to look forward to now.

A short edit of the comp is here, filmed by Jools Smith and edited by Branny the photos by Jools as well.

[vimeo 11970761 w=900 h=524]

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