Southern Freestyle Series 1st round

We arrived at the John Nike Ski Centre in Bracknell, for the first leg of the Southern Freestyle Series, at around 10:00, so I got changed and had some warm up runs, while Dad cooked some bacon rolls in the car park. We practised till 12:00 and during that time I was getting used to the Permasnow, which was really weird, I have only ridden dry slope once before this year, the guys at The Southern Freestyle Club had put out a really good set up. At 1:30 we started the jam and when that finished there was a spot prize session and the prizes were sweets and stuff. The announcement for finals was made and I was surprised that my name was called out, I was so happy. We had two runs. Only 6 where picked for the final, I was really focused and had planned 2 runs, my first run was really good I stomped every trick which I was stoked about, on my second run I fell on the quarter pipe the last hit. After the finals we had to wait ages for the prize giving. I came 1st in my age group (14 and under) I won a Bonfire jacket and a Chuckbuddie. I was shocked that my name was called out again, I came 2nd overall and I was given a really nice trophy. The is a short edit of the event here, the 2nd part of the the 1st part was from the night before of me, Lon and Ross riding at Hemel the night before, filmed and edited by Branny.

[vimeo 11677356 w=900 h=524]

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