I’m having a party

Five years ago we held the “Mushroom Party”

for Jakes 7th Birthday, unbelievable I know, where has the time gone?  Well he’s going to be 12 on Friday (2nd July) so we’ve decided to put on another event, albeit on a much smaller scale. With the generous donations from Jakes sponsors and friends, we will be having having a mini jam. To be held at The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead, on one of their many freestyle features, chosen and judged by Jake and MC’d by FBBB’s Mikee C, along with DJ Dave playing Jakes playlist with his own special twist. The Jam will last for  1/2 an hour only, so don’t miss out.

There will also be Birthday cake (hopefully enough to go round) and  some snowboard party games, a freestyle version of Blind mans Buff? (sponsored by Buff head wear) pin a tail on a skier? Pass the parcel? Musical Rails? We will also be holding a raffle (there’s already a snowboard in the prize pool) all funds raised will go to charity.

So come along on Friday night 7-11, to Jakes Freestyle Birthday Party, ride the park, have some fun and maybe bag yourself some goodies (normal Freestyle prices apply)



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  1. Nice one! See you there Jake :o)

  2. Happy Birthday Jake!!! BeXx will be there to celebrate it on Friday. I Gota work, but will send my wishes along!!

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