My Birthday Bash

On July 2nd it was my 12th birthday and my Mum and Dad put a little comp for me, at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead to celebrate. As it was my birthday, I asked a my sponsors and some of our friends in the industry, if they could give me some goodies to give out on the night. They included Buff, DC, Flow , Electric, The Snow Centre and my friends at Burton, Monster Energy, Westbeach, Skullcandy, Forum, Eleven, Whitelines, FBBB, Bern and SCUK. So a big thankyou and many, many thanks  for sending me out outerwear, stickers, hats, t-shirts, hoodies and loads of other lovely goodies.

The freestyle park set up was really good (thanks to the DWA, for working really hard through the night, to build it) there where loads of rails and a few kickers. Mikee C from FBBB was the MC, I was the judge (so I didn’t get to ride much) and Dave the resident DJ, put a playlist together, with a selection of my favourite tunes for the night, (thanks Mikee and Dave) the jam session started on the shotgun rail at the top of the slope, its amazing how much people push themselves when there’s a freebie to grab, the jam went on for about an hour and we went through a huge bag and a box of goodies, we had so much stuff, so everyone went home with something. Afterwards everyone went up to the bar to for a drink.

Whilst everyone was having a drink we drew the raffle, Mum and some friends had been selling the tickets during the night, with all of the money going to Disability Snowsports, almost everyone in the bar bought a raffle ticket we raised 121.50. The prizes were amazing we had a snowboard, rucksacks stuffed with gooodies, slope passes, trainers, beanies, hats, T shirts DVD’s. We then had my Birthday cake, everyone sang Happy Birthday which was kind of embarassing, I blew out the candles and made a wish (that we have plenty of snow this season)

A massive thankyou to everybody for coming down, I hope you all had fun. A huge thankyou to my sponsors and friends for being so generous and thanks Mum and Dad for all the hard work that you put in and thanks for the Ipad, a really sick present that I wasn’t expecting.


Check the video below, thanks to ECH for the filming and editing and to Branny for the sick intro.


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