Ice mountain belguim

I apologise for my lack of blogs lately. On Saturday  morning 11th September, Lon my Dad and I decided to do a comp in Belgium, called the O’Neill Battle of the  Stars and Stripes, we went to Folkestone for the train. And we got to France about 1 ish and got to the snow done at late afternoon. the comp didn’t start till 7  so we went to our hotel in France somewhere, and got totally lost. Once we got to our hotel we had a bit of dinner then left to go the comp. The park at the dome was sick, there was a huge kicker a couple of boxes and loads of rails.we had practise for about and hour and then it was the kids jam on the boxes, kicker and a flat rail. I was hitting the kicker first so I could do my best tricks on the rails later. My first hit on the kicker was back 1 tail grab and kind of slipped out a bit so I went for a back 5 on the little table box thing up at the top then into switch 1 on to front blunt on the wooden box down at the bottom of the slope.when the kids jam was over, I went inside to have a break and get something to eat. After the break there was another jam for an hour and that was on the kicker and stuff. When the jam was over it was prize giving for all the kids and adults. When the called my name out for first I won a flow snowboarding hat, a seasson pass for Ice Mountain and a pair  goggles


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