Burton European Open

My first day in Laax, Switzerland of the Burton European Open (BEO) was training day so we had half a day of slope style practice, after lunch in the half pipe, the slope style my board wasn’t running very fast so it was hard for me to find the speed needed for the kickers, a lot of the other kids where struggling as well, I knuckled the landings a few times. But the top section of the course was really good with 3 different rails, a bonk thing and a wall ride. At 12 the slope style training had finished, now it was on to the half pipe. At first I was just doing some grabs and some threes and fives, by the time I had my 6th or 7th run the pipe was getting slushy so it wasn’t easy getting out of the pipe. So I had a few laps and then called it a day.

Today it was the slope style competition and they had reshaped the kickers so the were a bit different, even though we still had an extra hour practise I still found it hard to maintain speed for the second kicker. I had the top section of the course perfect but it was just the kickers I struggled with. My first run was just my safety run with a few grabs and board slides but I still knuckled the second kicker. On my second run I did a front 180 Indy but unfortunately I fell. I came 38th a bit disappointing, I need to get on the mountains before a comp, I havn’t hit a decent sized kicker since last March.

On the Sunday it was the half pipe competition, I was looking forward to the half pipe even though I hadn’t rode in a half pipe for at least a year. My dad drove me to Lax (we were staying in Flims) so I could meet up with the rest of the competitors, when I got up the practise started straight away, at first it was bit icy and I fell a bit but once I had a few runs I was ok at it. I was in heat 2 of the comp so I had to wait for a long time, so I had a few runs to warm up. When it came to my run it was quiet slushy and it wasn’t too good but it was what it was. My first run a did a few threes and grabs just a safety run but the my second run came along, and my first hit was Indy tailbone and my second hit I fell. Which I wasn’t to happy about, after my second run a just rode for the rest of the day.

After the day of riding I went to the Freestyle Arena which is a massive foam pit place with trampolines, a kicker in to foam, skate ramps, and a quarter pipe. I went for and 2 hours every day.

On the Monday was just to cruise around and watch the contest and just chill as it was my last day in Laax. On my last run of the day I rode down with Ethan Morgan, Jamie Nicholls and Jon Weaver.


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