Busy times

I’ve been really busy lately with loads going on. Starting with Richard Webb from Fear Of The Park taking pictures of me at The Snow Centre Hemel for my interview “dropping in with Jake Terry” see the interview here.

I’ve been nominated for an another award this time for best snow related blog so if you could kindly vote for me please on the following link.

I filmed for an advert for The Snow Centre to help young children to get into snow sports. I did this with Ross Welch (freestyle skier). We were interviewed to start with and then we went and did some filming on the slope it was really fun.

Friday photographer Lauren Randall came to Hemel and took some still pictures of me with a well nice camera  shooting with film not digital which was kind of different but interesting her website here.

Also this week I was chosen as one of the ten kids through to the next round of the Roxy/Quiksilver “Under the radar” which is going to be filmed at Tamworth next Saturday which I’m really happy about and is one step closer to the X games Europe.

Tomorrow early in the morning me and my Dad are going to Munich for ISPO sports industry trade show, I’m really  looking forward to see my sponsors and next years gear. While I’m out there I’ll be putting together a favourites list for my blog. A list of things I like the look of not the best but what stands out to me. Such as my favourite snowboard, boots, binding, gloves, outerwear, goggles etc.  I might even do a list of the not to be seen dead in list as well.


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