Jungle Fever

I hope you all like the look of my updated site, sorry it was down for a week while I was in Europe competing.

We left England Friday 18th after school and drove through the night to Heubach in Germany for a 2 star TTR event. The competition was in the middle of the Thüringen forest. The comp was sponsored by Red Bull and Quiksilver, the event was called Jungle Fever. We had to walk over a muddy field to get to the slope but it was all downhill, up hill back though. The setup was really good, considering the resort had been closed due to lack of snow and only opened for the comp. It contained a few rails, 2 kickers and a wall ride down at the bottom of the slope, the whole resort was about 600m long with one T bar. I managed to fall in a big muddy puddle on one of my first few runs, in my new Billabong gear, the mud came off with a good rub of snow/ice. At the end of the qualification there was a Red Bull rail jam on an up box, which was cut short because someone hurt themselves. At prize giving I came 2nd which I was happy really happy about and I won a Quiksilver roller bag for my efforts and a can of RedBull and a certificate.

A great start for the week ahead at the Brits. We then took the five hour trip to Laax.


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