The Brits….2 golds and 2 silvers

We got to our apartment pretty late on Saturday night, after the 5 hour drive from the comp in Germany, we unloaded the car and just went to bed. We woke up quite late and we unpacked then went up to the lift station to get our passes. When we got to the main chairlift we could see that they were lacking snow. But the parks where really good. We spent the day just cruising around and having a look at what was there. After half a days riding, we went back and had dinner then went to bed.

Monday was practice day, I couldn’t hit up the boarder cross as it had been moved, due to the lack of snow and wasn’t finished, so I rode slope style course and pipe for most of the day. Tuesday was the first competition and it was boarder cross. The practise was suppose to start at 9:30, but it was delayed until 12 o’clock because the course was dangerous. So instead of racing in 4 at a time, we had timed runs instead. At the end of the timed runs I just went down to the bar to have a drink and to what for prize giving. At prize giving I got gold which I was really happy about. I also came 18th overall. This was my first podium and medal at the Brits, this being my 7th year there.

Wednesday was big air not my favourite discipline. Practise started 10 minutes late. Practise was good because I was starting to spin on the mediums. When practise had finished it was the quails and the girls went first and then the boys. My first run I just did a straight air grab and then on my second run I did a front 1 melon. I didn’t manage to get into the final, so I just watch instead, some really good riding to watch, one guy did a triple back flip. After the finals had finished I rode down to the bottom for the prize giving. I got silver in the big air.

Thursday was half pipe and this is my favourite event. Practise today was on time I managed to get about 20 runs in. My first qualifying run I just did straight air grabs and a few spins on the last hits, my second run I just went all out and tried my best spin to win. After my runs I just cruised around with some of my friends. I got gold in my age category and 15 overall which I was really happy with.

Friday was slope style, when practise started we only got about 3 runs in because of the long run down to the chairlift on my first run I stomped every trick that I did. On my second run I went for a 3 on the medium jump, which I was really happy about. At prize giving I got silver but only 1 point away from getting gold.

Saturday was the day I just rode around with Sam Cullum and Ben Kilner which was fun because all they did was just spray me with slush. To cap the week up, 2 gold’s and 2 silvers, as they say “not a bad day at the office” I know what I need to work on  for next year.

Photos by Sam Mellish and Neil Macgrath


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