2nd place at O’neill crazy days.

Yesterday we went to a comp at Ice Mountain, Komen, Belguim. Called O’neill Crazy Dayzz. We first arrived at Folkestone to catch the train to France. When we got to border control and Dad found out that he left the passports at home. We told them we left the passports, they let us through on Dads driving licence, but i didn’t have any Id. The man said we might have trouble through the French border but they were asleep, so we drove past. We arrived in France at 12. It took us about an hour to get to the dome. I got changed and practise was straight away. The practice was on for and hour then it was qualifcations and then the final. In the qualifying round I round, I rode as well as I could. I was one of 5 that made it into the finals. The final was best of threes runs. I fell on my last run after knuckling the kicker and hurt my heel. I was so happy getting second place, I won a Protect helmet, Dakine rucksack, and a O’neill goodie bag, we left shortly after that to catch our train. When we arrived at Calais, the Customs pulled us over, we had to fill in forms, to be let back home.
Me on the left.


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