My summer trip to Windells Camp, Mt Hood Oregon.

Windells snowboard camp.

Well what can I say It was the best holiday of my life. I left to get to the airport on Wednesday morning and would be back the following Thursday, so I was there for 8 days. I had to fly from Heathrow to Toronto and then on to Portland. It was a long flight but I managed it without feeling tired. Once I arrived at Portland airport there was a guy from Windells camp to greet us and put us on the Windells bus. The man driving us to the camp said we wouldn’t make it back for dinner so we stopped for a Taco Bells which was sooooo good. We arrived at camp at 10 at night and I was tired. I met all the guys at Flow and then went to bed. The next morning we had to get us up at 6:30 (which I was not ready for), to get breakfast and get up on the mountain. Thursday was the day that we just shred around and have fun
After riding we headed down to camp and from there to about 9 at night it is carnage people doing back flips on trampoline people skating around and just generally having fun. I wasn’t really used to the food because it was self service and it was food like tacos and burgers and just different food but it was still nice.

Everyday was the best day getting to ride with top pros such as Tim Humphreys, Brandon Reis, Danny Buller, Pat Moore, Jed Anderson, Sarka Panchovia and Dylan Thompson. Filming with top photographers and videographers. It was a great park, everything was flowing so you didn’t have to stop all the time. Once the day finished I would get changed as fast as I could to be the fast one to the foam pit. I was in there at the end of riding until bedtime everyday. Wednesday was the last day of the US for me which I was upset about I went to the shop and I bought a few souvenirs and then packed for the trip back home. I had met some great people that I will hope to see at ISPO this year. And I can honestly say for a hyper kid like me a was so tired I could have slept for a week. My first flight back I was with a guy that was at the camp so we just talked about snowboarding and stuff and then at Calgary where I had to catch my flight back to the UK I had to run for because the flight from Portland was delayed. The flight back to the UK was 8 hours long. When I arrived back at Heathrow my Mum and Dad were there to greet me.


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