World Rookie Fest and Chamonix 2012

World Rookie Fest, Livigno

I left on Friday to go to the world rookie fest, it took about 6 hours to get to the hotel we were staying in, which was in France.  The next day we left about 11 in the morning to get to Zurich train station to pick Nathalie Silkstone and Ayla Thilding. We arrived in Livigno at 3 in the afternoon, so we had to go and get registered for the comp. we went back to the apartment to have dinner and have an early night. The next day I woke up at 7 and got ready straight away, we had breakfast and went straight up the mountain, it was a bluebird day and everything was groomed, the park looked sick. The kickers were big, but the rails hadn’t been put in yet. The practice start at 11 and the kickers were great, after a few hours of practice we decided to have lunch and head down to the bottom.

It as Monday and it was day of the qualifications for the Groms and rookies, I was 4th to have my run and I was nervous but exited, the run in to the first jump was so bumpy and quite hard to control  but it was a nice kicker I landed my whole u with no hands down so I was happy and I did the same on my second run and managed to keep it clean.  After my second run the rest of the day was messing around and riding with Jamie Nicholls and other people. We had lunch and went to the bottom.

On the Tuesday it was the finales and I was just riding around all day.  At about 6 o clock in the evening there was prize giving.


After the world rookie fest we decided to go to cham for a few days, because they had lots of snow, we arrived in Chamonix at about 7 at night, so we had dinner and went to bed the apartment we were staying in was called  Chalet Chez Nous and it belong to The Thilding family. The next day me and max decided to go up and ride for a bit, but it was cloudy so we decided to make a quaterpipe, I hit it first and it sort of worked but you didn’t get much speed. So we decided to go back to the apartment and chill out. The next two days we didn’t go riding because the weather was bad. So we just chilled out and watch DVD’s and went in the hot tub. It was the last day of chamonix and it had dumped it down that night, I was sad to be leaving but it was cold and had school to go to. We arrived home on the Monday and I had to go to school the next day.

Thanks to the Thilding Family and Keith and Deb Silkstone.


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