Davos March 2012

Well, where do I begin. I’ve been going everywhere recently.

I left early Tuesday morning to get a flight to Zurich from city airport. My flight left at about 7 and I arrived at zurich airport at about 8:30, I had to get on 4 trains to get to Davos Plats. When I arrived at Davos Donnie from Synergy Snowsports was there greet me. I dumped my bag at a shop that Donnie knew and I just wondered around town for a few hours whilst Donnie was working. At about 4 I met Donnie at the bus station to go to the place they stay. I met the rest of the synergy crew and unpacked. I had dinner which was my favorite spag bog, And then went to bed.


It had dumped it down that night so we decided to go to RinerHorn, which was amazing for powder. I had a new Flow Shifty 140, which was a camber so it wasn’t amazing for powder, but still fun. We went into this forest called Sherwood forest ( that’s what Donnie calls it ) which had pillows it had everything for perfect powder riding. I stacked it about 4 times in 1 run but it was so much fun so I didn’t care. After a hard days snowboard we went back to the house and got ready to go to the steak house with all of the synergy customers.. we arrived at the steak house a just ordered a small one and still couldn’t finish all of it. But still had room for desert.


There was still plenty of snow so we went back to Rinerhorn to ride Sherwood forest for most of the day and I did some piste and went back for dinner and for an early night.


Friday we went to a different mountain called Jackobshorn, which had a park, which was sick it had a 3 line of kickers, 2 wallrides and loads of rails.  The kickers were perfect for spinning I didn’t spend long in the park because it was cloudy you couldn’t really see well.


Saturday the weather wasn’t very good but we still went riding for a few hours

I rode the park for a few hours and hit the piste and mucked about. And went back to watch some movies


Monday Donnie and I worked in the pipe for practice for the BEO, we worked on dropping in on both sides and getting the angles right for a good hit. We practice for most of the day until about 3 we got a drink and went back to get changed to go to the chamey bar. For a drink and game of table football, after about an hour we left to go to bed.


Today we rode a different mountain called Pisha, it was half an hour train ride and a ten minute bus ride, but i only rode for and hour because i had to go back to jackoshorn to ride pipe with Donnie, i was also riding with Max Thilding, Nathalie Silkstone and Ayla Thilding.


Today my dad and Richard Clark arrived, so we bought a days lift pass and went up on the mountain. it was a bluebird and everything was shaped.to we spent some hours there filming and then headed back to the house for me to pack to go to laax.




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