Hey peeps,

I have been riding in Morzine/Avoriaz for the past week and it has been AWSOME.

I arrived in Morzine last Wednesday at about 9 at night, after having to wait for 6 hours in Geneva due to the transfer company not being near that area, I was staying with the Silkstone family, Fin Bremer and his mum. Thursday was my first ever time riding Morzine and it was sunny not a cloud in sight and the park was awesome. The kickers were pretty big and the rails were good plus there was a Burton Stash there that was cool. My first day was really getting used to the mountain. I was riding with Max Thilding and Fin for the day and it was great to ride with them again, the red line kickers were nice and great for getting some decent spins of.

On the Friday max and I decided to build a kicker as I had recently snowed quite a bit, we started building the kicker at about 12:30 after lunch and it took us until 3:00 to finish it, I didn’t really help as I didn’t know what to do, but it was great to watch and learn about how to build a kicker, when we finished we decided not to hit it as it needed to solid up a bit so we waited until the next day to session it

Saturday morning we got up early so we could session the kicker we had built, when we arrived at the spot, the kicker was looking good, we had to spend about half an hour shaping it and tracking out the bits we were hiking. I said I was going to hit it first and when hiking up a slowly started to regret that, I strapped in and I was really scared, it was my first time hitting a backcountry kicker. Max was ready for me to drop and got the camera ready, I straight lined from a set of bushes and lent back a bit. I was floating through the air not knowing what was going on and then I hit the soft snow. It was such a good adrenaline rush but I kind of hurt my arm. After two attempts I decided to spin a landed it. So I was happy.

On Sunday I didn’t go riding, so it was more of a chill out day


Monday and Tuesday max and I did a lot of filming and lots of photos, Max got some great shots (action and portrait) I also did some filming on my ION Air Pro Plus WiFi camera which was fun. Wednesday was the day I had to pack to go to Chamonix with Max for the Freeride world tour. It took 45 minutes to pack. And for the rest of the day I didn’t do that much, I arrived at Max’s at about 4:00. Richard (Max’s dad arrived at about 7:00 and I was so hyped to get to Cham for the freeride world tour.

I would like to say a massive thanks to my Sponsors, Mum and Dad, The Silkstone Family, The Thilding Family and and all my friends.



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