Freeride Cham!

fwt_cham01Sorry for the lack of updates recently, previously I’ve been to Chamonix, Innsbruck, Munich. So I’ve been pretty busy. But I’m going to start with Cham.

After Morzine i traveled to Cham with Max Thilding for the Freeride world tour juniors. Before the comp we had 2 days of doing what we wanted, so max taught me how to hit drops and stuff like that. Which was fun but scary at the same time. For both days we practiced hitting drops and trick of them.

The day before the comp we had a riders meeting, which explained rules, tips, the Face, equipment and other stuff. The day of the comp we had to be at the lift st 7:00 in the morning and it was freezing, I’ve never been so cold in my life, was at the top we had to hike up a bit so we could see the face we were riding. The face was pretty small, we were for about 30 minutes before we had to go up. Instead of hiking we got the cable car and had to walk a little bit. At the top the face looked a lot bigger and scary. The first to drop were the skier girls so when it came to the snowboarders the face was horrid, it was super icy and sketchy. When it was the first snowboarder to drop everyone was dead serous and I was just having a mini party in my head. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy it for experience


I was the last to drop which was an advantage. As i dropped in i was scared to fall cause of the ice, i made it to the bottom only bum checking once which was alright.

After that i headed down to get ready for prize giving. At prizing giving i was nervous as hell, because i didn’t know if my run was good enough for a podium. My result was 3rd which i was so happy with. The day after that i went riding with my team manager Marco from Dakine which was so much fun. So that’s my trip to Chamonix.

More updates coming soon… oh and check out the press release on SCUK – Thanks Dunx


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