Billabong Air and Style

This year i was lucky enough to go to the Billabong Air and Style in Innsbruck, thanks to Billabong.

I was super excited about going. I travelled by train from Les Diabrilets, Switzerland where I had spent a couple of days with the guys from ION, to Innsbruck arriving in the afternoon. I was really lucky that Billabong had put me up in the 5 star Grand Hotel Europa, where all the pro riders where staying, which was rad, I had a room to myself, remote controlled curtains and lights, sick!

After checking in, I went to the Bergasel Stadium where the event was being held. This was the Air and Styles 20th anniversary so the Burn session is where some of the riders that competed 20 years ago were  competing again, including my Team Manager David Pitschi, they were all practising when I got there the line up  was amazing,  riders such as Marco Grilc, Gigi Ruf, Werni Stock, Terje Haakonsen & Jamie Lynn; the Burn style contest kicked off and the atmosphere was amazing and the riders were doing insane stuff of that big kicker. After the event there was prize giving and Marco Grilc won with a sick double wildcat back flip. That night I just chilled with my friend Tom Parmentier (Belgium Billabong rider).

Tom & I hanging with Stale Sandbach
Tom & I hanging with Stale Sandbach

The next day the comp didn’t start till 2 so for most of the day a just chilled, I was also stoked to meet Gigi Ruf, Devun Walsh and David Benedek. At about 1:30 Tom and I got the coach to the stadium and everyone was throwing down the riders list was amazing pretty much all of my favourite riders were riding such as Stale Sandbech, Seb Toots, Alek Oestreng and Eric Willet, the comp was insane, Stale tried a triple and then Mark McMorris did one and stomped it. It was also great to  spend time Jamie Nicholls . The best thing about going to the Air and Style was having a VIP wristband which meant I had access everywhere and free food and drink which was awesome. The prize giving was good as well, congrats to Eric Willet for coming first.

and the winner is!! Me & Eric Willet!!
and the winner is!! Me & Eric Willet!!

It was  amazing to meet some of the the pro riders, I had such an awesome time there and hope to be there again next year.

Thanks Billabong


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