Burton Jibfest 2013

We set of early Saturday morning, Sparrow Knox, Dad and I left home to get to the channel crossing. Our channel crossing was at 6am; we arrived in France at about 7am. It was a 3-hour drive to SnowWorld Zoetermeer, Holland. We arrived at the dome in Holland at about 12am.  The park was looking super sick, some awesome rails, and a good jib feature at the bottom.  The juniors started practice at 12:30 and the setup was super fun to ride. After an hour of riding I started to get some decent tricks on the street rails. After riding it was the qualification round. So the judges went to stand next to the features. The qualifying session was 30 minutes and I was please with the tricks that I did, I also learnt some new tricks. After the qualification round all the juniors could chill for a bit before the BBQ.

After the BBQ they announced the finalists, I was stoked to hear my named called out along with Ollie Dutton and Ross Needham.  The Finals started and all the other kids were throwing down. I tried gapping the corner kink rail first run to try and some points. After that I was just trying to nail some tricks and get some good runs.  It was also sick to watch the men in the finals as they were killing it.

I sadly didn’t make the podium; we headed back to the hotel getting ready to go back to England the next day.

On the way back to the ferry we went to skate Rotterdam Skate park for an hour or so. Sparrow and I were only on cruisers but it was still super fun.  We arrived at the dock to board the ferry and it was huge. The ferry had PlayStations, basketball pitch, and a casino. It was like a mini cruise ship. After 6 hour we arrived home, super tired and ready to go to bed.Image


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