Hello Everybody.

Since the weather has been good, I have been wakeboarding a lot at Taplow and Box End Park, On Friday i got my own wakeboard sent to me from the guys at Ultrasport who also hook me up with Bern Helmets. I got a Liquid Force Superslip 131 and pair of Liquid Force Watson bindings. I was super stoked and excited to try it out. 

Yesterday was my first day out on the board and it felt so different from a rental board, the board was super soft and responsive. after a few laps i decided to hit the small box, it felt super sketchy, but after a few tries it felt a lot better and i decided to hit the wallride. the wall ride was quite small but it felt massive when i was hitting hit. after 4 hours of riding a decided to stop cause my arms and legs were killing me.  

A few days Jools Smith came up to Box End to shoot some photos for me and my friend Dave. Here are some shots from that night.Wakeboarding 2 Wakeboarding 8 Wakeboarding 13


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