After the Shred Masters we headed to Kaprun, Austria. The drive was about 12 hours so it was quite boring and I slept most of the way. When we arrived we found our apartment and chilled for the rest of the day.

After a good days rest we had breakfast and headed up to the mountain, It was a bluebird and it was super hot. The park was amazing, The kickers were really good and the rail line was so sick. Image

I spent most of the day in the park, after a few hours of riding the park, we headed down, there wasn’t much to do in the town so we just watched  movies in the apartment, The apartment pretty big 4 bedrooms and a good view of the mountains.

The weather was pretty bad for a few days, it was snowing all the time, it was windy and cloudy. So it wasn’t the best weather for riding in, but I was still thinking of things to do, there was this cool little cat track where the was a about a 2ft drop into pow of the side.

We had one day where the sun came out for about 2 hours and I was in the park filming on this little stair set.


The stair set was super fun to learn tricks on, after a few hours the sun went in we decided to head down to the restaurant for some food. The weather got worst so we decided to go down, we where deciding if we should go to a different mountain for the day as the weather for the rest of the week was really bad.  We decided to just stay in Kaprun and see if the weather gets better. It kept on snowing for the rest of the week, which was pretty good cause it meant that we would have a pow days.

It was are last day and it was an awesome pow day, I couldn’t see much but it was still fun, getting some pow turns in and some slashes. There wasn’t that many people on the mountain so the was still loads of places with fresh snow.

It was a pretty rad week away, it was good to get on the mountains so early in the season. I hope to be riding a lot more powder this season.




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