Shred Masters

This year i competed in the Shred Masters event in Landgraaf, Holland which was sponsored by Nitro Snowboards and Burn Energy. My Dad and I drove out the day before the contest so i could practise on the course and try my new Nitro Board out. The course for Shred Masters was super good, there where two kickers at the top both about 12metres and then it followed onto the rail section of the course which was a down flat down and a down bar. It was super fun hitting decent size kickers again and managed to get some tricks on them.


It was really good to catch up with my friends from Holland as i hadn’t seen them in a while. The day of the contest I was super nervous because it was my first contest of the season.

After a few hours of practise the comp started, each rider would have 2 runs and the top 5 riders went to the final, i was in the under 18s category and the level of riding was insane, I was super happy with my first run, I landed everything i wanted to, my second run  wasn’t as clean as i wanted it to be, but still happy. unfortunately i missed out of the final by one place.  After my category was the prize giving, Congrats to my friend Ziggey for getting 1st and my friend Erik for getting 2nd.

After the prize giving I rode for a bit longer and then set of to Austria for a week of awesome riding


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