Traveling Around Europe

Hi Guys, sorry for the lack of updates.

I have been traveling around Europe competing in the Junior Freeride Tour in Chamonix/ France and Fieberbruhn/ Austria, The stops have been super fun and I am looking forward to the next stop which will be held in Verbier/ Switzerland. The last two stops haven’t been that great for me I fell in both events putting me in not so great positions. I still enjoyed both of the stops learning about avalanche safety and general safety on the mountain,

I aslo went to ISPO which is always fun to see next years kit and to meet new people. I was super stoked to see some of the Spy Optics new Goggles, they look super cool and comfy.

My Dad and I also traveled to Laax for a day of filming, I have been to Laax many times and it is still my favourite resort by fair, the park is always super fun and creative. We managed to get some good shots which will be put in my Season edit, It was perfect weather in Laax, sunny, hot and not very windy.  I also saw Ipod training in the Laax pipe which was sick. It’s always awesome to watch a rider that you look up to.



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