Junior Freeride Tour Finals

I’ve been in Tignes,France this season, practicing and training, I’ve been lucky enough to have qualified for the Junior Freeride Tour Finals in Big Sky, Montana, USA. Unfortunately I don’t have the funding in place to go, (its gone on paying for this season) So I’m asking for help, Its going to cost over £2,000 for flights, hotel, transfer, lift ticket, insurance etc, any donations would be hugely appreciated and can be paid via PayPal to signsnlogos@live.co.uk

I hate having to ask, my parents have done everything they can to get me to this stage.
Thank you in advance.

For those that don’t understand Freeride completions, I try and explain. Freeride is always off piste, we are told and shown a picture of the face (see below) that we will be competing on the evening before the event, showing us the areas that are out of bounds, where the areas of dangers are etc. Then we go early in the morning around 6.30, to the face that we will snowboard on, with binoculars we work out a route down the face, we are judged on, risk taken, fluidity of the line, and any tricks that we do. We have to hike to the start area, this can take unto about 1 1/2 hours, depending on location. We don’t get any practice, just one run. Image



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