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Writing stuff about yourself is really hard so I thought some pearls of wisdom from people who I know and ride with may be more enlightening….

Jake is a great kid with a great outlook.  Having spent some time with him up at Mt. Hood I got to know more about this shy little guy who loves his Corba Dogs!  He is a bright light shinning and I am sure he will make his mark in the snowboarding industry!
Dale Rehberg – Marketing Director for Flow Snowboards and Brand Manager at NXTZ

Jake is a big personality in a small body. Always up for a laugh and will be sure to make you laugh one way or another. He may be young but has some skills that will show up the older riders and put them in their place. Having known Jake for a long time now it will be no surprise to me to be seeing him on the top of the pile in international comps in years to come….. He also makes a great board caddy should you need one!
Sam Cullum – UK Pro Snowboarder

Jake’s a great lad! He knows how to have fun on a snowboard but also knows when it’s time to focus to make sure he gets the best out of himself. His training is reaching the point where there is more to think about than just trick execution and I’m glad he’s so motivated to mix it up it ways that many would struggle to. Exciting times lay ahead and I hope we have lots more to do with him!
Donnie Macleod – Owner of Synergy Snowsports

Jake is very humble for someone with a huge talent and personality, always grateful, always polite and always has his eyes on the prize, he’s a pleasure to work with, I hate riding with him cus he’s better than me!
James McKenzie-Brown – Crab Grab super rep from Lobster Island

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